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Do you know how well your website is performing?

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"You simply will not know how well your website is performing and whether or not it is working for you if you do not utilise basic measurement tools."  

Your business could be loosing leads without effective website measurement

By utilising basic and advanced measurement tools, we are able to understand more about your websites performance as well as how visitors behave when moving around your website. Working throughout Cornwall and further afield, we offer our customers both simple and advanced tools, going into extraordinary levels of detail to understand how your website performs and measure the success of your strategy.

Utilising the most up-to-date measurement techniques, we are able to provide you with an accurate picture using hard facts and figures. We have invested heavily in researching the most effective means of website measurement and continually work to test and measure customer websites in order to understand more about visitor behaviour and what marketing techniques will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

•  Extensive scoring reports which highlight online visibility
•  Statistics which measure number of visits, visitor duration and much more
•  Telephone measurement to measure total calls, duration and missed calls
•  Charts and graphs to show growth and success over time

Scoring Reports

We regularly run scoring reports to check and demonstrate to you how your website ranks on Google searches, including any improvements/dips in scoring to ensure consistent results. This tool also identifies what keywords need to be targeted next as part of your SEO plan.

Site Recordings

We also have the ability to record visits to your website which includes heat maps which demonstrate the most viewed parts of your website, following the route of their mouse to see what visitors do when they navigate around your site as well as much more.


Statistical data will shed light on many aspects of visitor behaviour including; how many unique visitors your website is generating, visitor duration, top visited pages and what percentage of visits are Direct (url typed into address bar) vs Organic Search Engine visits from Google.

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