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Website development through strategic planning and execution
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Ongoing web development

Adobe announced that ‘more than 33% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and/or layout is unattractive’. Almost a third of potential business you could be missing out on due to the content/layout of your website.

To engage visitors your website must be both beauty and brains, showcasing your products/services in their best light, whilst also encouraging potential customers to explore your website through exciting and original content. Here at Quack Design, we combine creative design with a clear navigation to guide visitors to view the products/services you want them to see. Whilst keeping them engaged through thoughtful content and powerful imagery.

Just a few examples of our ongoing services:

• Improve conversion rates through ongoing development
• Maintain existing positions on Google
• Develop and grow your site with fresh content
• Regularly report how well your website is performing

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